Where My Ladies At? The Radical Topic of Women in Tech

On Friday, September 16th in Dallas and Tuesday, October 19th in Toronto I will be speaking about Women in Tech, specifically MY life as a woman in tech. I’ll be giving advice to women (and men) about surviving and getting ahead in this weird, gender biased tech world. I’ll be talking about setting yourself up to have the best career and the best life possible regardless of your gender. Here’s my little synopsis:

There’s no disputing that the future has arrived for pocket computers, autonomous cars and croissants that are also, somehow, donuts. Innovation is moving at light-speed but women are being left behind when it comes to tech. We still having the same, tired conversation about (say it with me) “women in tech.” We are inundated with jargon about leaning in, opting out, work-life balance, which can be discouraging for women, especially for those beginning their careers. Marissa Lerer, CTO for Compose[d], mom, and proud chick coder understands what it’s like to survive the “woman in tech” scene. Join her for an empowering journey of where we’ve been, where we’re heading and some unsolicited advice about making the most of your career.

Hope you can make it!